Think Breath

If breathing is so natural, why do we rarely
get it right?

The Unshakable

An athlete’s insight on winning through

Forest Bathing

Soak up nature’s goodness and come home,
to yourself


We empower individuals to lead their life through:

A Journey of Self

How do you create a ‘better me’ that is in harmony with the universe around yourself? Betterment is no longer society directed, but self-defined, the values and human capacity are self-created.

Mastery of Self

Reconnecting with own mind, body and environment, which includes the betterment of physical, mental, emotional, social and all other aspects of Wellbeing.

Holistic Living

Wellbeing is putting the focus on celebrating life, on relationships, on enjoying experiences and living life wholistically.


Enable your Journey of Wellbeing

We focus on supporting the individual and enhancing the environment they thrive in.

For Care Providers

For Individuals

For Community

Our solutions are built upon three fundamental pillars

Wellbeing of Self

Wellbeing of Society

Wellbeing of Planet


Wellbeing of Self

Our applications & experiences enables you to traverse through an interconnected dimensions of wellbeing that is beyond the traditional definition of health and living well



Creating happy individuals

Enhance your holistic wellbeing by harnessing the power of healthy habits to deliver positive and lasting behaviour change


Better care, better health

Redefining care delivery through effortless connectivity, smart technology, and a patient-centric approach.


Wellbeing for communities

A solution that enables wellbeing communities to engage through events, programs and festivals.



A healing journey for mind, body and being

FLOURISH is an embodiment-based cultural adventure into the heart of Mexico.

Women Teach Men

Learning to see the world through her eyes

Creating experiences where men come together and learn from brilliant women.

Cook Together

Culinary skills & nutritional knowledge for community.

This hands-on experience allows folks to explore techniques, recipes, food history, and glean key nutritional information.

Slumber Party

A beautiful departure from the usual leadership gathering

An annual staff-less and agenda-less retreat, where participants come together to cook, dream, learn, dance, share, and heal.

Death Over Dinner

A conversation how we want to live

Elevating difficult conversations about death into deep, uplifting engagement.

Living Wake

Celebrating our loved ones while they are alive!

Inspiring people to host their own Living Wake by giving them access to a beautiful toolkit.


Wellbeing of Society

Our initiatives empower under resourced individuals and communities to live a life of dignity and purpose. We are all inter-connected and selfless giving is an integral part of our wellbeing journey

Model Village

Sustainable villages

Building community through villages that champion new initiatives in smart waste processing, skill development, education etc.

Model City

Sustainable cities

Creating innovative urban spaces that successfully balance the needs of people, animals, and the environment.


Enabling changemakers

Promoting and supporting social entrepreneurs to spearhead change at the grassroots level, and build a better world for all.


Empowering an ecosystem of giving

Nurturing the individuals who work tirelessly to initiate change and create greater social impact.


Wellbeing of Planet

Our initiatives provides meaningful programs to create a better environment for us and our children. Collectively, we need to calculate, track and reduce our carbon footprint


Understanding animals and their habitats

Rediscover the natural world through our wildlife and conservation stories, growing inspired by nature to sustain this home we love.


Preserving the "wild" in wild spaces

Enabling groundbreaking conservation efforts with technologies that drive wildlife protection, environmental monitoring


For a Better World

A peek into some of the other wellbeing initiatives we are working on, including sports for children, transformational journeys and wellbeing centers across the world.


Life Is the Goal

Providing world-class grassroots programs in Football and Hockey run by certified coaches.


For the heart and mind

From curated journeys of wellbeing to master-led retreats, travel the earth for experiences of a lifetime.


Why we do, What we do?

At RoundGlass we don't see ourselves as an organization, we are community of catalysts. Our purpose is large and ambitious, and we believe, redefining wellbeing can be achieved, together.

Our Journey

Leading the way in "Holistic Wellbeing and Meaningful Living™"

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Come work with us & be a part of the community of changemakers.

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